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The Brazilian Government is firmly committed to ensure as top priority the foreign relationship providing conditions to increase the national trade balance and investments in the country as to improve employment and to keep growing the industry based on raw materials production.

A recent review of the national policy has already resulted in a number of new initiatives. The Government remains willing and is ready to consider proposals from mining industry, which elements of the current policy focus on: stable policy; developed infrastructure; highly service sector; security of tenure; an equitable fiscal regime; proactive support from the Departmental agencies; and freely and easier accessibility to the basic geological data in GIS format (Geographic Information System).

Therefore, the CPRM – Geological Survey of Brazil has a challenge to ensure an economic environmental attractive to mining investment offering an intensive and available basic geological knowledge that permits to demonstrate the mineral diversity and high potential of the natural resources in the country.

As we know the global nature of the mineral industry means companies must look beyond the boundary of their own country for business and growth opportunities. This usually requires in-depth working knowledge of the international business environment. So, the aim of the International Affairs Office in CPRM is to look after the CPRM´s competitiveness in projects outside Brazil and recognize the need for improvement between experts.

Maria Glícia N. Coutinho
E-mail: maria.glicia@cprm.gov.br

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