Mission, Vision, Values and Principles

The Geological Survey of Brazil is a state-owned company, under the auspices of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. Its mission is: to produce and divulge geoscientific knowledge with excellence, contributing to the improvement of life quality and sustainable development of Brazil.

Geoscientific Systems

Remote Sensing and Geophysics

Critical Event Alert System - SACE

SACE provides real-time information on rainfall and levels of the major Brazilian rivers, as well as issuing bulletins and reports about flood and drought forecasts. This hydrological monitoring is of paramount importance in enabling public and private institutions, civil defense and citizens to make preventive decisions or mitigate undesirable effects.

  • Flood Level
  • Alert Level
  • Attention Level
  • Normal
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Institutional Networks

Mineral Analysis Laboratories

The LAMIN Network performs various services on geological material samples. It is also responsible for the analysis of imported mineral waters and the study of hydromineral sources.


The Ametista Network makes available physical collection for consultation and loan, and offers the following online collection: RIGeo | Online Catalog | ScienceDirect.


The Lithotheques Network offers a rich set of geological samples and is open for scheduled visitation. It is also possible to gain access to the collection upon request.

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