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Mineral Resources

The CPRM Geological Survey of Brazil mineral resource programs activities cover economic geology, prospecting and mineral economics. Their main purpose is to generate geological information to help the definition of the economic potential of mineral occurrences, of deposits of mineral districts and provinces in Brazil, while promoting the knowledge about the genesis origins of already known deposits.

These activities are planned in accordance with the following core guidelines:

  • To promote the discovery and use of mineral resources. To prioritize the mineral resources that have:
    significant economic importance;
    strategic significance;
    significance in social-geological terms and
    relevance to environmental controls.

  • A nationwide performance, particularly in strategic regions (the Amazon and the Northeastern Regions). A sound management of CPRM’s mineral asset with, the mineral prospection work in final phase in some areas, and with specific areas available for negotiating their respective mining rights.

  • Institutional programs in economic geology and prospection in selected areas, independent of who owns the mining rights.

  • To supplement the private sector (mining companies) activities by providing information capable of reducing the risks inherent to any mining enterprise.

  • The activities underway focus mainly on Mineral Resources in Brazil, a nationwide program with activities carried out in the regional units of the Geological Survey of Brazil.

  • Since 1995, the results of the economic geology, mineral economics, prospecting and mineral research activities performed by the Department of Mineral Resources have been released in seven series of publications called Mineral Resource Bulletins.

José Leonardo Silva Andriotti
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