Learn More - Land Management

Environmental and land use geology studies have been carried out for 15 years, since the program was set up in 1991. Since the beginning of the environment its inception, this program has been a seed-bed for the development of new knowledge, methodologies and technological innovations in the field of environmental geology, enhancing the various ways in which geology can contribute towards sustainable development (environmental conservation + social inclusion + economic development).

  • Ecological/Economic Zoning.
  • Geological Hazards and Natural Disasters.
  • Environmental Geology applied to Land Use Management.
  • Geological/Environmental Studies.
  • Mining, the Environment and the Recovery of Degraded Land.
  • Environmental Geochemistry and Medical Geology.
  • Geoecotourism
  • Technical support for Counties and Metropolitan Areas.
  • Geoprocessing, database and Geographic Information System.
  • Support for Land Management and Sustainable Development.

Over the past 15 years, the environment program has built up a collection of some 100 projects throughout Brazilian territory.