Marine Geology

CPRM - geological Survey of Brazil is an integrated part of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, directly linked to the State Secretariat of Geology, Mining and Mineral Processing.

Through its Division of Marine Geology (DIGEOM), CPRM provides human, technical and operational resources to meet the demands of the Brazilian society concerning the geological knowledge and the evaluation of the mineral potential of the Brazilian Legal Continental Shelf and adjacent oceanic areas in South Atlantic Ocean. DIGEOM activities are carried out in partnership with Brazilian Navy and Brazilian universities.

In this context, the mission of CPRM is to provide geological information for decision-making by government agencies and Brazilian mining companies involved with the development of marine mineral resources and environmental management of the Brazilian Legal Continental Shelf and Adjacent international seabed area.

CPRM also exercise the technical an operational coordination of the following national programs, carried out in the framework of the Inteministry Commission for the Resources of the Sea (CIRM):
1. Programme for the Assessment of Marine Mineral Resources of the Legal Brazilian Continental Shelf (REMPLAC), under the general coordination of the ministry of Mines and Energy; and
2. Programme for prospecting and Exploration of Mineral Resources of the International Seabed Area in the South and Equatorial Atlantic Ocean (PROAREA), under the general coodirnation of the ministry of External Relations (MRE).

Ivo Bruno Machado Pessanha

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