International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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MRD-03 Recent developments on marine mineral deposits


A ferromanganese nodule resource within New Zealand's EEZ
Ian Graham, Ian Wright
An ITRAX geochemical study of ferromanganiferous sediments from the southwestern pacific Ocean
David Cronan, Guy Rothwell, Ian Croudace
Chemical signature of submarine hydrothermal deposits collected from the Hatoma Koll in southern Okinawa trough backarc basin
Hiroki Nakano
Deep sea metalliferous sediments: A medium for reconstructing hydrothermal inputs and locating areas of mineralization
Evgeny Gurvich
Detailed survey of the hydrothermally active brothers volcano by an autonomous underwater vehicle
Cornel De Ronde, Robert Embley, Edward Baker, Dana Yoerger, Bryan Davy, Joseph Resing, Robert Dziak, Susan Merle, Sharon Walker, Ko-ichi Nakamura
Drilling of shallow water hydrothermal systems in the Aeolian Arc, Italy: The role of magmatic volatiles
Sven Petersen, Thomas Monecke, Mark Hannington, Nico Augustin, Klas Lackschewitz, Arnaldo A. de Benedetti, Guido Giordano, Alessandra Esposito, Bruce Gemmell, Harold Gibson, Reinhard Kleeberg, Katie Perrin, Robina Sharpe, Marc Peters, Kirstie Simpson
Estimate of metal fluxes into the hydrogenetic ferromanganese crusts of the northwestern Pacific Ocean
Akira Usui
Exploration for Seafloor Massive Sulphides (SMS) - the Neptune Minerals approach
Justin Baulch, Simon McDonald, John Feenan
Fe-Mn crust physical properties essential to resource development
James Hein, Rachel Dunham, Peter Halbach
Ferromanganese nodules in the Gulf of Cadiz: The hydrocarbon seepages and the Mediterranean Outflow Water undercurrent as mineralization controls
F. Javier González, Luis Somoza, Rosario Lunar, Jesús Martínez-Frías, J. Antonio Martín Rubí, Trinidad Torres, J. Eugenio Ortiz, Ricardo León, Teresa Medialdea, Victor Díaz del Río
Geophysical and geological methods for exploration and evaluation of deep-sea cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts: A case study in the south pacific
Akira Usui
Hydrothermal plumes and fluids at 13oN, Mid-Atlantic ridge
Sergei Sudarikov
Marine minerals: A new perspective
Peter Rona
New important discoveries of hydrothermal deposits at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (geological setting, composition and resources)
Georgy Cherkashov, Victor Beltenev, Irina Rozhdestvenskaya, Tamara Stepanova, Victor Ivanov
Opportunities and challenges in polymetallic sulfide mining in the Kermadec Ridge and back arc basins
Alexander Malahoff
Seafloor massive sulfides: Lessons from land
Steven Scott
Submarine hydrogeology of the West Zanzibar Basin
Fridtjov Ruden
Synopsis and prospects for development of cobalt-rich Fe-Mn crusts
James Hein, Rachel Dunham, Andrea Koschinsky
The future of mining seafloor massive sulfides
Steven Scott
The mineragenic map of the ocean
Sergey Andreev, lidia Anikeeva, Sergey Petukhov, Evgeniya Popova, Alexander Chernomordik
The SuSu Knolls hydrothermal field, Eastern Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea: An actively forming submarine high sulfidation copper-gold system
Christopher Yeats, Raymond Binns, Joanna Parr



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