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MRD-04 Giant ore deposits


Research on element geochemistry characteristics in coal-ge deposit in Shengli Coalfield, inner Mongolia of China


Wenhui Huang, China University of Geosciences (China)
Gang Du, Inner Mongolia Administration of Coal Geologic Survey (China)
Huan Wan, China University of Geosciences (China)
Lei Sun, China University of Geosciences (China)
Yanying Ma, China University of Geosciences (China)
Xiuyi Tang, Anhui University of Science and Technology (China)
Wen Wu, Inner Mongolia Administration of Coal Geologic Survey (China)
Shengli Qin, Inner Mongolia Administration of Coal Geologic Survey (China)


The newly found Coal-Germanium deposit in Shengli Coalfield in Inner Mongolia is a super-scale Germanium deposit. It is the most largest Coal-Germanium in the world with 1805 ton proven resource of Germanium. In this deposit, the element geochemical characteristics show that: alkaline elements such as Ca, K, Na, Mg, Al, etc. are enriched, and positively correlated to Germanium; with the increasing of Germanium content, LREE enrichment gradually weakens and HREE gradually enriches; Germanium content is negatively correlated to total REE and LREE, while positively to LREE/HREE and delta Eu, and negatively to La/Yb, La/Sm, (La/Yb)n, (La/Sm)n and delta Ce; the content of Germanium is negatively correlated to ash index of coal. The coal-forming swamp with sluggish water is favored to the sufficient absorption of Germanium from solution by organic matters. The Coal-Germanium deposit of Shengli Coalfield is formed in the weaker alkaline and stronger reductive environment. REE geochemical characteristics in coal- Germanium deposit have inheritance, and REE mainly comes from inorganic materials in source area. And, the rocks from southwest edge of the basin are rich of Germanium, and probable become the original source of Germanium of this Coal-Germanium deposit. The supply of Germanium from source area and hydrologic geology conditions into coal forming swamps are the controlling factors for Germanium enrichment. This paper is supported by the 973 Program of China (2006CB202202) and by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Nos. 40572090, 40772095)
Key words: Germanium; Super Deposit ; REE; Inner-Mongolia; Shengli Coalfield


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