International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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HYH-02 Groundwater resources and management Part 2


Environmental impact of the agricultural and industrial activities in the fertile valley of Loures - construction of risk cartography


Maria Teresa Durães Albuquerque, ESTCB (Portugal)
Luís Filipe Tavares Ribeiro, IST (Portugal)
Maria Catarina Rosalino da Silva, FCUL (Portugal)


In the last half of the XX century a significant industrial development in the involving region of Lisbon was attended. The Loures zone did not run away from this rule and it was invaded by industrial units, associated to a great demographic expansion.
The evaluation and spatial characterization of the different responsible factors for the behaviour of the contaminants, in what concerns to the fertile valley of Loures, a region with a high negative impact of there's industrial activities, is one of the main objectives of the present work.
Concerning this goal, the environmental research was developed in a study area where the human intervention had been overlapped to the natural dispersion of contaminants. With this work it is intended to get qualitative and quantitative information about the spatial distribution of the different contaminants concentrations, too what's concerning with the groundwater level contamination.
For the data treatment Data Analysis methodologies, such as Multiple Factorial Correspondences, were applied and subsequently the application of Spatial Statistics techniques, with the construction of the variogram function, and application of kriging and simulation to the contaminants contents.
Finally risk cartography was constructed as a planning tool to the environmental optimization planning of the hidrogeologics resources of the studied region.


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