International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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SDD-01 Scientific drilling


Iodp achievements 2004-2008


Manik Talwani, IODP-MI (United States)
Susan Humphris, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (United States)


IODP is a very large international ocean drilling project involving the US, Japan, a European consortium, Canada, China, South Korea, Australia and India. It utilizes the US drill ship, JOIDES RESOLUTION, and the Japanese drill ship, CHIKYU, as well as mission specific platforms implemented by the European consortium. IODP has successfully carried out a number of expeditions during the last four years. IODP expeditions have achieved the following:
Recorded the history of the Greenhouse to Icehouse Arctic in the last 55 years by the ACEX drilling expedition on the Lomonsov ridge. Investigated subsea floor fluid flow on the flanks of the Juan de Fuca ridge by the installation of three bore hole observatories. Recovered an intact section of the upper oceanic basement in bore holes on two expeditions in the Cocos plate. Investigated overpressure and fluid flow processes in a deep water Gulf of Mexico expedition involving slope stability, seeps, and shallow water flow. These and other scientific results obtained by IODP in the period of 2004-2008 will be presented.


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