International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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IEI-02 Advances in digital data capture in geological mapping


Geological survey using digital equipment


Mamoru Toyoda, GSI CO.,LTD. (Japan)
Ayako Ozawa, GSI CO.,LTD. (Japan)
Ken-ichiro Hisada, Tsukuba University (Japan)
Evgeny Isenko, GSI Company (Japan)


Field survey is the basic part of geology. Learning contour maps and geological maps, and usage of the field survey equipment are indispensable in geology. However, quite almost beginners fall by the wayside, because of taking much time to understand how to use technique. Many students plant in mind that geology is hard and difficult. After they learned only the basics of geology, some of them give up to learn anymore. These learning and survey can be regarded as the only starting point of geology. Discussions after making route maps and geological maps are more important and approaching to the essential. We are disappointed that many beginners fall by the wayside before they realize what fun geology is. It is important to find the way to make them more interested in geology. The usage of digital equipment for geological survey is effective. It also helps us learn geology.
In this paper, we show the field class using digital equipment for the second-grade students of Univ. of Tsukuba who learn geology at the first time.
It is difficult to understand how to use some tools of field survey. For example, when using clinometer, it is important judging which plane is measured to get the attitude of bedding planes. But for beginners, they are often confused how they put it on the bedding plane. They also may make a mistake about direction of the dip. When they use map, they may not understand in the map where they are.
For solving these difficulties, we prepared digital clinometer GeoClino and mobile field information system GeoPocket (Both GSI product). Only putting on the bedding plane, GeoClino can measure strike and dip in a single action. GeoPocket can display current position trapped by GPS, and record measuring data. As a result, it can make digital route map.
In laboratory, we made geological maps using field data. Though we have drawn by hand and taken much time, now we can use GIS system software GeoAssist (GSI product) for mapping. This system can transport the data inputted by GeoClino or GeoPocket. Then these data are shown on the map. Also using these data, geological map is drawn instantly. Finally we are able to examine the data, and discuss repeatedly redrawing geological maps.
Introducing digital equipment, it promote understanding, and made survey more effective. These geological maps, which were displayed repeatedly whenever students examine them, may make students more interested in geology.


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