International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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SES-05 Dynamics of complex intracontinental basins


Research of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic polyphase prototype basin's superimposed characteristics and their evolution in Songliao Basin


Zhongquan Li , Chengdu University of Technology (China)
Danlin Ying , Chengdu University of Technology (China)
Hongqui Li , Chengdu University of Technology (China)


The Songliao Basin,located in Northeastern China, is a complex superimposed basin that was initiated in the Mesozoic and experienced multiple periods of reactivation. Based on seismic and drilling data, as well as regional geologic research, we suggest that the basin contains several different successor basins resting on top of Carboniferous-Permian folded strata forming the basement to the Songliao basin. These basins include a Triassic- early Mid-Jurassic foreland basin, a Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous downfaulted basin, and a early Cretaceous depression basin. This paper presents a systematic study of the basin-mountain interactions, and reveals that the Songliao basin records different tectonic settings at different geologic times. These tectonic settings are sequentially successor, which formed the large successor belt of the Songliao basin. Understanding the polyphase tectonic evolution of the Songliao Basin, including the Triassic-early Mid-Jurassic paleo-foreland basin, plus the downfaulted and depression phase, together form the full development of Mesozoic-Cenozoic Songliao basin has resulted in the discovery of new natural gas deposits. Discovery of the Triassic-early Mid-Jurassic paleo-foreland basin plays an important role both for the deep natural gas exploration and the study of basin-mountain coupling in north China and eastern China in general. This example gives dramatic evidence that we should give much more attention to the polyphase tectonic evolution of related basins for the next phase of exploration and study.


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