International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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MGH-02 Groundwater - Geopollution, contamination and health aspects


A study on depositional process of man-made strata in an overland depression for the basic study of geo-pollution


Kunika Soma, Ibaraki University (Japan)
Hisashi Nirei, (NPO)The Society of Geo-pollution Control, Japan President (Japan)
Noriko Hirata, Ibaraki University Graduater (Japan)


The geo-pollution on the man-made strata in an industrial waste disposal site and a surplus soil disposal site has been growing a severe problem of environment concern in Japan. The purpose of this study is to dissolve the depositional process of man-made strata for the basic study to figure out geo-pollution mechanism on the man-made strata. For the purpose of my work, we experimented to fill in the overland depression caved by human. To observe the depositional process of landfill of hollow, it was found that the chrono units and the material units with the distribution according to particle size by the low of gravitation. After landfill of depression, we had three borings and carried out the description of boring cores. It appeared that the material units with the primary solid-states of sediments. For making analysis of strata using the fluorescent X-ray analysis, some of strata which had similar elemental composition were included in the material units of the boring cores. In conclusion, in this study the material units were not identified by the boring logs, despite there were found by observation of landfill. Therefore the grain distribution according to sorting by transportation under gravitation in man-made strata needs more study.


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