International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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GTE-01 General contributions to engineering geology and geotechnics


Geotechnical map of Kazakhstan scale 1:1 000 000


Daut Kasimbekov, Comitet of Geology and earth use (Kazakhstan)
Adak Kozhanazarov, Kazakh National Technical University Named (Kazakhstan)
Dulat Kalitov, Kazakh National Technical University Named (Kazakhstan)


Basement and sedimentary formations were delineated on the map based on geological structure and geological development history analysis. Geological formations and stratigraphic series are associated in geotechnical groups, which characterize the cement between formation fines also physical properties as a strength, deformability, permeability and possibility of generation other recent geological processes.

Stratigraphic-genetic complexes (SGC) are distinguished as per age and genesis of geological bodies. In SGC the formations with different lithology but similar age and genesis were combined (for example, upper-quaternary alluvial sediments, composed from gravel-pebbles, sand, loamy sand, clayey soil, lower-carboniferous, coastal sediments, represented by sand, gravel, siltstones, claystones with limestone interlayers).

Geotechnical cross-sections have been generated for 16 regions of Kazakhstan which can be a basis for generation of geotechnical maps in other scales and development new areas. Geotechnical zoning has been given as per geotechnical features of areas. On the map, I and II level geotechnical areas by way of independent taxonomic units were distinguished as per structural-tectonic features. The delineation of areas is based on allocation and correlation of formations, correspondence to certain structural stage, involvement in tectonic period of folding and reflects a foundation of geotechnical conditions of area.

First of all for Kazakhstan area developed a geotechnical map on 1:1 000 000 scale, which is the most representative region of Ural-Mongolian fold belt. Developed geotechnical conditions regional evaluation methods, which is based on formation analysis. Detailed geotechnical characteristics of different structural zones of regions have been given which allow studying a consistent pattern of geotechnical conditions forming with the purpose of recommendation prognosis and development for more detailed studies.


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