International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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MGH-02 Groundwater - Geopollution, contamination and health aspects


The basic study on the behavior of ground air flows with polluted ground air from the view point of geo-pollution science


Hiroshi Fujita, The Geo-Pollution Control Agency,Japan (Japan)
Yugo Kinjo, Nago (Japan)
Tomoyo Hiyama, Technoearth Co.Ltd. (Japan)
Hisashi Nirei, The Geo-Pollution Control Agency,Japan (Japan)


Polluted ground air, e.g. VOCs gases, is raised from subsurface by atmospheric pumping, resulted in air pollution. From the view points of geo-pollution science, the study area on ground air pollution in atmosphere is defined from surface to 1.5meter, because of the level of human's nose in Japan (Nirei, ). Therefore, the ground air pollution is the most immediate air pollution to the human life.
In this study, we arranged the monitoring system composed of observation wells and tubes in each vadoze zone and also set up the observation apparatus, data logger, flow meter of ground air, meter of pressure difference between ground air pressure and atmospheric pressure, barometer and thermometer( Kinjyou,, ).
As a result, the phenomenon of ground air flow, inflow-outflow, induced by atmospheric pressure fluctuation. It has the cycles of short period and long period such as breathing of land and deep breathing (Nirei, 2004). In addition, ground air flow maybe affected by wind velocity and rainfall.
This report is first stage of the study that will contribute to analyze the behavior of ground air pollution.


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