International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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SES-05 Dynamics of complex intracontinental basins


Differential tectonic deformation of Longmen Mountain thrust belt, western Sichuan Basin, China


Liangjie Tang, State Key Laboratory for Petroleum Resource and Prospecting, Beijing (China)
Keming Yang, Southwestern Branch Company, SINOPEC (China)
Wenzheng Jin, Basin and Reservoir Research Centre, China University of Petroleum, Beijing (China)
Guimei Wan, State Key Laboratory for Petroleum Resource and Prospecting, Beijing (China)
Zhizhou LĘ╣, Southwestern Branch Company, SINOPEC (China)
Yixin Yu, State Key Laboratory for Petroleum Resource and Prospecting, Beijing (China)


Field investigation and seismic section explanation showed that Longmen Mountain thrust belt has differential deformation obviously, they are zonation, segmentation and stratification. Zonation means that, from NW to NE, the Longmen Mountain thrust belt can be divided into Songpan-Garze tectonic belt, Ductile deformation belt, Base involved thrust belt, Frontal fold-thrust belt, Foreland depression.

Segmentation means that it can be divided into 5 segments from north to south: the northern section, the Anxian transfer zone, the center section, the Guanxian transfer zone and the southern section. Stratification means that the detachment layers partition the structural styles in profile, the detachment layers in Longmen Mountain thrust belt can be classified into 3 categories: the deep-level detachment layers, including the crust-mantle system detachment layer, intracrustal detachment layer, and presinian system basal detachment layer; the middle-level detachment layers, including the Cambrian-Ordovician detachment layer, the Silurian detachment layer, etc; the shallow-level detachment layers, including the Xujiahe formation detachment layer of Upper Triassic, the Jurassic detachment layers, and the multi-detachment layers have a very important effect on the shaping and the evolution of the Longmen mountain thrust belt.


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