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AFR-04 Geoscience in Africa


Geological and major ore deposits map of Cameroon (1:1 000 000)


Sdrack Felix Toteu, Institute for Geological and Mining Research (Cameroon)
Yves Deschamps, BRGM (France)
Joseph Penaye, Institute for Geological and Mining Research (Cameroon)


This version of the Geological and Major ore Deposits Map of Cameroon at 1:1 000 000 was prepared in the framework of IGCP-470 and the BRGM scientific project "Africa1999-2004". It is a geo-referenced map based on the two sheets of the geological map of Cameroon published in 1979 by the Ministry in charge of Mines and Geology, with major inputs from some more recent local maps such as the geological maps of south-western Cameroon, of south-eastern Cameroon, and of Poli region in northern Cameroon, coupled with geological information updated by an important volume of recent papers. The critical new geochronological data accumulated since 1985 have greatly contributed to rebuild a new legend which witnesses better the geological evolution of Cameroon since the Archean.
New changes include: a better reorganization of the Archean units, the distinction of Paleoproterozoic units in SW Cameroon and an attempt to define the main steps of its evolution, the refinement of the Pan-African evolution and the inclusion of the previously assumed Paleozoic unit within the Neoproterozoic. It was not possible to access to new information on the coastal Douala basin gathered by oil companies because of clauses of confidentiality. Updated spatial and temporal distribution of mineral resource has also been incorporated. An explanatory not for this map is currently under preparation.


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