International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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IEE-02 Geoscience for schools in developing countries


Importance of geology education in schools of developing countries


Viqar Husain, University of Karachi (Pakistan)


The scope of geology is very vast and vital to the human lives on this planet. It is difficult to imagine the modern civilization without the resource geological inputs of coal, oil, gas, metals and industrial minerals. Besides, the internal and external geological processes of the earth have been responsible for the present landforms including soil for agriculture and surface or subsurface water bodies, so essential for lives. The awareness of the geological hazards like earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and seawater intrusion have also made the lives of modern man more safe through modifications in the houses and other infrastructures. Moreover, urbanization and industrialization mainly responsible for different types of wastes and surface or subsurface water pollutions have also made it imperative that geoscience education is made compulsory at school levels in developing countries. However, at present except geology all science subjects including physics, chemistry, mathematics and biology are taught at primary and secondary levels. The neglect of this subject at junior level is a major cause of the lack of awareness about environment protection, energy and other geological raw materials conservation related issues among future citizens and policy makers of the developing countries including Pakistan.
This paper deals in detail that how the geo-science education at primary levels is introduced and popularized in developing countries in coming years. Such education in schools will help making youths more careful about their health and hygiene, physical environment, geohazards and quality water use as well as energy conservation. This will also help in making the geologists as better professionals and others, more aware and concerned inhabitants of this planet.


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