International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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MAG-04 Scales, scaling, non-linearity and complexity in the geosciences


The dynamics model of metallization enrichment and its application in mineral resource prediction


Wei Shen, China University of Geosciences (China)
Haiyan Du, China geological library (China)


The Earth is the dissipation conformation and undergoes the geological action with unevenness and nonlinearity time after time. The lithology and physical property underground substance are characterized very strong unevenness and nonlinearity. The natural systems including biological, metallogenetic and others are continuously fighting and compromising with circumstances to adapt oneself to the changeable environment for their living and development. In geological environment the geological matters always move and thus the element will be enriched to a certain extent and meanwhile inevitably be dispersed. The paper studies the chaos dynamic mechanism of the migration, enrichment and mineralization of element s in the crust.
It reveals that the interaction of nonlinear process in geological environment is the essential cause of uneven distribution of element content and mineralization in the crust and results in the fractal structure of element content , ore deposit reserves and it s spatial distribution. Logistic map is a better mathematical model which describes the behaviour of the chaos dynamics. The parameter μ, i.e., the mineralizing potential, can divide the region into the non-mineralization region and mineralization one. The value of the parameter μ in model (4) estimated from measurement s in a gold deposit in Xinjiang Province by mathematical statistics method. The forecast result s accords generally with that predicted using other methods such as the characteristic analysis.


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