International Geologiical Congress - Oslo 2008


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MPM-10 Fluids and melts in the Earth?s mantle: From natural observation to HT-HP experiment


Diamond-bearing fluid composition estimation on the basis of the P-T-FO2 parameters obtained for kimberlite peridotitic and eclogitic parageneses


Sergei Simakov, Geology department (Russian Federation)


P-T-conditions and fluid compositions were estimated for mineral parageneses from inclusions in diamonds, diamond-bearing and diamond-free xenoliths using a garnet-clinopyroxene-silica oxygen barometer (Simakov, 2006). These data indicate that the upper mantle is zoned, with relatively oxidized lithosphere and reduced asthenosphere. Calculations in the system C-O-H indicate that eclogite inclusions within diamonds and xenoliths have formed mainly in equilibrium with water-rich fluids.
1. Simakov S.K. 2006. Contrib Mineral Petrol .151: 282-296.


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