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AFR-04 Geoscience in Africa


Geology map of the moroccan Central massif: A structural interpretation of the hercynian belt


Driss Fadli, Mohammed V University (Morocco)
Mohamed Zahraoui, Mohammed V University (Morocco)
Mohamed El Wartiti, Mohammed V University (Morocco)
Christian Hoepffner, Mohammed V University (Morocco)
Ahmed El Hassani, Institut Scientifique (Morocco)
Abdelfattah Tahiri, Institut Scientifique (Morocco)
Mohamed Bouabdelli, UBO, Faculté des Sciences (France)
Yves Cailleux, ULP, Institut de Géologie (France)
Fatima Kharbouch, Mohammed V University (Morocco)
Alain Pique, UBO, Faculté des Sciences (France)


The geological map presented is a compilation and a synthesis of the work carried out on this area since the beginning of the Eighties. The choice of the scale of the 1/200 000 permit to obtain a convenient to handle and sufficiently detailed document. The Moroccan Central Massif, located in the Western Meseta, is limited to the West by the Atlantic Ocean, to the North by the plain of the Gharb, to the South by the Phosphates Plateau and to the East by the mesozoc terranes of the Middle Atlas. It is the greatest area of paleozoic outcrops which allows to observe, on more than 200 km, a quasi continuous section through the hercynian belt of Morocco. A simplified legend allows to distinguish several structural units which were brought closer during the hercynian orogenesis. They are limited by great fault or shear zones. From the West to the East, we can distinguish: the Sehoul Block ("caledonian terranes"); the Rabat-Tiflet Fault Zone (complicated zone with Ordovician to Visean terranes); the Coastal Block (Cambrian to Devonian); the Western Meseta Shear Zone; the Khatouat Sidi-Bettache unit (Late Devonian to Carboniferous basin); the Khouribga-Oulmès unit (early Ordovician to Devonian antiformal structure); the Smaala-Oulmès Fault Zone; the Fourhal-Telt unit (Carboniferous basin); the Azrou Khénifra Zone (a complicated zone with a neoproterozoic to lower paleozoic basement, a carboniferous cover and many allochtonous units).
Keywords: geological map, hercynian belt, Meseta, Morocco.


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