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MRD-05 Results of First Global Mineral Resource Assessment and other large-region assessment studies


Metallogenic map of the geodynamic systems of the pulsating expanding Earth scale 1:15000000


Mikhail Krutoyarskiy, Independent Consultant Geologist, USA (United States)


The Metallogenic Map of the Geodynamic Systems of the Pulsatively Expanding Earth (scale 1:15,000,000) demonstrates the general regularities of territorial distribution of endogenic and exogenic deposits of ore and many non-metallic mineral resources in the geodynamic systems of our planet. The map describes the geodynamic systems of the Earth by means of directional, in time and space, historical-geological development of continents and the oceans, and also of the transital areas between them. The deposits and ore displays of mineral resources, shown on the map, are subdivided into the mayor genetic types. According to its scale, the map is survey and complex in content.
The given map is a result of metallogenic analysis and synthesis of all main geodynamic systems of the Earth in their development in time and space. To achieve this goal it was necessary to analyze the history of geological development of the Earth since its origin in space up to the present time on the basis of the uniform hypothesis of primordial hydridic Earth, designed by V.N.Larin.
The Metallogenic map consists of 6 sheets plus 2 sheets of legend. It is provided with the Brief Explanatory Note (in Russian and English). The Note divides of 5 parts: 1. Principles of the map's construction; 2. Legends; 3. Classification of the Geodynamic systems; 4. Contents of the Metallogenic map; 5. Minerals reserves and resources. There is Electronic copy of the Metallogenic map on four CD ROM.
This map has a scientific and referential value. It may be used for analysis of the metallogeny of separate geodynamic systems of the Earth, as well as for the study of global regularities on distribution of mineral deposits.


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